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Tanimachi Aloha Design Department


If you want to start a business
In charge of the design department .

At Tanimachi Aloha, we will support you with any design-related issues such as graphic design, website production, video production , and photography .

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design web page

Public relations/advertisement planning and production

In addition to designing flyers, company information, brochures, menus, packages, etc., we also create logos, banners, etc. We support design and marketing in a wide range of areas.

Web design

Website Design

Rather than creating a ready-made homepage, we will create it using software that you can edit yourself. Since there is no coding involved, it can be created at a low cost.

Video editing timeline

Video production

We undertake the shooting and editing of videos such as concept videos and YouTube videos. We carefully listen to the customer's thoughts.

Shooting content

still photography

We also take on projects such as product photography, profile photography, and other conceptual photography, as well as recording of events and other events.

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Please feel free to contact us using the contact form.

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